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QF Embedded Specimens has been applied successfully in teaching in Chinese primary and secondary schools. Since 2006, QF embedded specimen have been ilisted in the supply  directory of Chinese teaching instruments and equipment exhibition, recommended to the national primary and secondary schools. QF will insist the innovation riven development as the development concept, constantly upgrade the products into development. Successively achieved  from the traditional specimen to the embedded specimens, then from embedded specimen to the new-type embedded specime. QF always maintained the better technology status in the industry.

QF embedded specimen covers all speices listed in the national standard requirements  for Chinese Primary and secondary schools , such as animal anatomy, animal skeleton, animal life cycle, plant germination, conformation, mineral rock and so on. QF embedded specimen comply with "JY0001-2003" general quality requirements of teaching instruments and equipment products, the JY143-82 "the animal and plant impregnated general technical conditions", JY, 149-82 the insect specimens general technical conditions "and other relevant national industry standards, closely matching with the syllabus. It is an intuitive of the natural biological classroom teaching materials and advanced teaching equipment in primary and secondary schools.