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Children's natural cognitive specimens, with the true nature of plants and animals as material, using the level of food safety, high transparent resin material for embedding. It is the scientific aids which QF company independent research and development.

Embedded Specimens is bright and transparent, real nature,  light, smooth edges and corners, high safety coefficient. The complete set of detailed teaching manual is lively and fun. The rich teaching course,  language which fit closely the preschool education, science, art, social, health and other core curriculum, can inspire children love of nature, system to cultivate children's learning ability, understanding, imagination, emotional intelligence, creativity, expressive ability!

Children's natural cognitive specimens is a good guide, leading the children to explore the nature happily, life perception and cognitive world, also promote the development of children's comprehensive! It is a good teaching helper for natural science exploration between children and parents, and an excellent teaching material which promote the teachers' professional development, and improve the teaching level of the kindergarten!