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Address:19 Yingkai Road, Nanning, Guangxi, China

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Nanning QF Science & Education Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of embedded specimens in China, is a modern professional enterprise which focus on the design, development and application of transparent resin embedded specimens.
       QF founded in 2008, located in economic development zone, Nanning, Guangxi. Since its establishment,QF has successfully put the independent intellectual property rights "embedded specimens" into popularization and application in several provinces and countries. and achieved good social benefits.
       QF Embedded Specimen has combined a variety of the top technology including polymer polymerization resin materials, biological anti-corrosion, antifreeze, animal and plant protected-color, the new drying technology, with the advantages of convenience and real nature, high safety, preserved for a long time and so on. QF embedded specimen covers many fields such as primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, research institute, science and technology museum, and others, including animal anatomy, animal skeleton, animal life cycle, plant germination, conformation and mineral rock.
       Since the establishment, QF take "the expert of embedded specimen" as the strategic goal, to create the larger embedding specimens library. We insist on independent research, development, and continuous innovation. From the traditional specimen to the embedded specimens, then from embedded specimen to the new-type embedded specimen, QF always maintain the attitude of development. In 2012, QF won the seventh annual international invention exhibition "gold award", in 2014, QF Kids Biology Embedded Specimens, won the China education equipment product innovation.In 2016, QF won the award of "China education equipment industry association recommended products " !
       In the future, QF will insist the innovation-driven development as the development concept. adhere to the customer as the center, take the market as the guidance, together with clients and agents, distributors and end users, jointly compose the new chapter of embedded specimens  career!

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