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Qianfan New-type Embedded Specimen Had A Splendid Appearance on the 67th China E
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We had a worm welcome to an event held by the china Education Technology and Equipment Industry in October. The exhibition was held in Jiangxi Nanchang International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

On the exhibition, Qianfan exhibited the new-type embedded specimen which was designed as standard teaching tool for primary and secondary schools. The products show well such advantages: security and environmental protection, real nature, convenient & intuitionistic. The visitors had s surprise on the new products?real sense, and then highly praise our innovative technology that can bring about superior product performance. At the same time, they pay a compliment that Qianfan this brand stands for high quality as always.

Teachers from Educational Equipment were looking at the products

Foreigners having a detailed understanding of the new-type embedded specimen and ask for related materials

Leaders from Educational Equipment were getting to know products at the preschool area

Once more, Qianfan gained recognition from many educational equipment personnel and dealers at home and abroad on the exhibition. Every recognition is power. Qianfan will make persistent efforts to provide high grade teaching products for middle and primary schools, nursery schools, early education institutions, universities and colleges and R&D institution.